Friday, August 7, 2009

Thing #23

Ok, I made it! Luckily, I stretched my arms so that I didn't pull any muscles reaching around to pat myself on the back. (having the summer to stay in shape helped with that also).

I have enjoyed reading up on the 23 things and learning about some of the things available to us as educators. It was also fun reading various blogs and seeing which of us got into it and let our personalities come through, and those that apparently were only in this for the pdlc credit and quit working on it once the things got more in-depth.

1. My favorite discoveries were how easy it can be to create podcasts, as well as learning what the RSS feeders are. I always noticed the RSS logo, but had no idea what it was for, until this program.

2. This program pretty much underscored the quote I listed in Thing 15, that the more we know, the more we know the less we know. I consider myself proficient in technology, but the more I learned from this, the more I realize there is so much more out there that can be used. I now know that I need to keep searching and broadening my computer horizons.

3. I wasn't totally surprised by anything, it was just good to see the different capabilities we have to enrich the students' learning process by using more technology as final output of projects instead of just plain-jane papers.

4. I don't see too much you can improve on, other than just finding different "things" that you haven't had in the program. That shouldnt' be a problem, as there should be many more things created in future that can be used by librarians and teachers.

5. I would consider participating, but would look at the things first to make sure it wasn't justt more of the same I'd already done. I would want to learn new things.

6. This program was great because not only did I earn some flex hours, but more importantly I learned alot of great ways to use technology immediately in my classes that I hadn't known about before.

7. I'm on it!

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  1. I agree that it is a great way to learn new things in technology. It goes to show you that even tech people can learn new things. I did the 11.5 things this summer and I can tell you that if you do it next summer---you will learn even more new things. GREAT JOB