Friday, August 7, 2009

Thing #22

After looking at the three Nings listed for us to look at, I think a Ning could work in a high school setting. Majority of students are used to Facebook or Myspace, but are also wary of/turned off by older people (i.e. teachers and administrators and parents) having accounts on there and being "Friends" with them. They see their privacy disappearing. So, if a teacher or school set up a Ning, they can create a network just for the school relevant to school environment. Kids would see that its ok for adults to be on it, as the presence of the adults is relevant to the ning, yet would still feel secure that facebook/myspace was still "private". Its just another way of utilizing technology to reach the kids on level they are aware of and use it to benefit their education positively.

As we saw in the video back in Thing 15, students today have so many distractions from technology; Nings are one way to use one of the major technologies (the social networking) to our advantage.

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