Friday, August 7, 2009

Thing #20

Its great to have all these potential video sources available to refer to. YouTube obviously is a little tougher, because even though you might do a search for a legitimate subject matter, sometimes people posting videos can use titles that are misleading, so you have to be a little better. (Its also tougher to use since our district blocks Youtube on the firewall, although students daily find ways around the firewall via proxy sites). I did find a couple of good videos posted on YouTube by an American teacher in Korea on how to teach English. There wasn't much good I could find on youtube for teaching business classes, so I ventured on over to Teacher Tube...

Where I found a great video by a teacher on Formatting a Business Memo. He talks in background while showing computer screenshots while teaching. Basically, it allows students to follow along and do it on their own computer; great for visual learners! So, get your laptop ready with MS Word, fire up a bag of popcorn, grab a drink (but with the cap on, as we don't want to drown our keyboard when we inevitably spill due to sheer excitement of the moment) and enjoy this video.

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