Friday, August 7, 2009

Thing #16

I think Wiki's can be good if monitored efficiently. The main thing students need to be aware of is that since anyone can join a wiki and post information, its always smart to check the information gleaned to make sure its correct. How many of us have found wrong information on Wikipedia? Yet students take whatever they find online as gospel. (To be fair, its not just wiki's that can be wrong; any information on internet has potential to be wrong, so we need to make sure students understand that).

I think libraries and schools can make good use of wikis, especially on large school/class wide research projects, where all students have a hand in the final product. A wiki can be used so students can post their info and update what they find, and learn from each other.

FYI, when I posted to the sandbox as per the instructions for this Thing, I followed the directions literally: it said to choose one of your favorite curriculum ideas from blog and copy and paste, so I copied and pasted about RSS feeders.

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  1. we do not allow the kids to use Wikipedia for research. I try to show the kids sites are totally bogus and we talk about not taking everything at face value