Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thing #14

Technorati seems to be a good way to get blog more "screen time" for lack of better term. In other words, more people are likely to see it. I think it would help students to a degree to view technorati, as it would be a good research tool to have them look for blogs on say, advances in technology for a computer class.

However, one thing to possibly be aware of is use of misleading tags. I can see someone wanting to get their social blog noticed more, and using a tag to try to have their blog show up in different searches. (much like all those spam mails that come through with subject lines that have NOTHING to do with what the email is actually trying to sell you, they are just trying to get you to open it up).

So, to sum up: tagging is good, and can assist greatly in research, but only if done in good faith.

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