Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thing #2

I think that the easiest habit for me is #7 1/2, which is to play. Being a master procrastinator (I'm Yoda, or the teacher in "Kung Fu" that taught Grasshopper everything), this one comes even easier to me. 

Seriously, I feel that we CAN learn if we "play" and experiment with new skills we are learning, as that can show us ways to do things that might not have been discovered (or at least published) before. If we can give our students a basic framework of what we want them to accomplish on a given assignment, but allow them to "play" and come up with their own solution, they might surprise us with what they come up with.

The hardest habit for me, not so much in teaching but in other parts of life, is probably #1; I don't always go into things with the end in mind, but rather like to go day by day. As a coach, I have been working on getting better at defining what the "end zone" is going to be before I start.

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  1. Scott---you do like to play!! I could have told you that you would pick that one.