Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thing #8

I like the RSS readers because it delivers information fast without all the extraneous stuff that comes along with regular websites and blogs (i.e. ads and other eye distractions). Its nice having a choice of what to include and view and cut out stuff we don't want to see.

I know I can use this technology in personal life, as it will make viewing information on the internet that I'm most interested in alot easier to access. I can set up a link to it in my favorites, and then go right to it with one click, instead of having to have multiple favorites. For school, I can use it for education related blogs and sites, and keeping up with fellow teachers so we can share information.

Teachers can use this technology by first having students create their own blog relative to a specific class or subject. They can then use readers to include all other classmates' blogs in the reader, so that everything is located in one easy to find place, and make it easier to keep tabs on everything (I imagine this is very similar to what library2play does, as the "leaders" of this could have our L2P blogs in an RSS reader for more instantaneous access to be able to check and see how we are doing).


  1. I am seriously impressed with your blog...alot of the 'things' were over my head as technology is not one of my strongest skills. The RSS 'thing' threw me for a loop...I manages to complete the assignment, but without a clear understanding of what I was doing. Actually I think your explanations were more succinct that some of the articles we had to read. Just wanted to say "Good Job" and I'm seriously following your blog!

  2. I over did the RSS things and now my email is full of 'Google Alerts'. = (

  3. I love blogs and have become addicted to some. The RSS feeds make it so easy to follow. I hope you can find ways to use blogs and rss with your students next year. they would probably love it.